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Qendresa Rexhepi

Leeftijd: 24
Woonplaats: Utrecht

DJ, creative business student.

Wie ben je?
You’re not only a she, or a her, make your name sound like something completely terrifyingly, beautifully out of this world.
Here we go, my name is Qendresa Rexhepi, but if you are slightly more daring, call me Q. And yes, I know there is a character called Q in James Bond. Apparently also in Star Wars, but this I never know for sure. Anyway, back to my person, I had the pleasure to be raised bilingual. My parents immigrated from Kosovo to Germany, 25 years ago. I was born in a refugee camp, where we lived for almost six years. The biggest lesson I have learned is, that the essential thing in life is human affection, regardless of where you have been raised.

Waarom zit je in Thirty030?
Isn’t it breathtakingly beautiful, to find a city, that changed you, that will forever trigger the most beautiful memories you have? Intense affections, friendships. It will remain, the start of most of my stories I like to share. Utrecht, standing firm in a chaotic world, calmed in spite of all the urban noise and beautifully aware of all the art that resides in you. I joined Thirty030, to make people aware of all the beauty that lies in the city.

Wat inspireert je?
I like to observe the happenings on the street. How people move, how they interact. I like to soak every detail, every tiny sound in and walk by and be aware of what’s happening. In times where everything is rapidly changing, where we try hard to compete with time, we forget to look around and be aware.

Wat vind je minder aan Utrecht?
Utrecht is a very young City, a student city with many creative study programs. However, the Night scene of Utrecht is not what it used to be. We should collaborate more with local musicians etc. and offer good events on a regular base. So people go out in Utrecht itself rather than stepping on the next train to Amsterdam.