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Anestis Amanatidis

Naam: Anestis Amanatidis
Leeftijd: 25
Woonplaats: Utrecht

Freelance strateeg en conceptdenker.

Wie ben je?
After moving to Utrecht for my studies in 2014, the city very much grew on me. It made me stay. Sure I miss my Greek-German roots, but life quality is so high here that it makes you forget that. Currently, I am freelancing in creative concepting and brand strategy whilst building an own programme that helps young talents take the leap into the creative industries after studying in a rather non-traditional kind of way.

Wat is je favoriete plek in Utrecht en waarom?
The platform at the Weerdsluis with a Muzieklokaal-koffie in my hands. This place is pure relaxation.

Jouw wens voor Utrecht?
Becoming the centre of innovation, diversity and creativity in the Netherlands – whilst staying the cozy, warm and authentic city it is.