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Agnes Weber

Leeftijd: 23
Woonplaats: Utrecht

Wie ben je?
Agnes in a nutshell? Austrian by blood & Dutch by bike.
I was born and raised in a tiny little town in Austria (inhabited by more cows than humans) and driven by the desire to desperately see more I ended up in San Antonio, Texas and eventually stumbled across Utrecht. I’m an ex-kindergarten teacher, who is currently working at a creative ad agency and no matter if its kids, ads or a random little thing – I can get really (!) enthusiastic about the most mundane things.

Wat inspireert je?
Passion. When someone’s genuinely invested in something – no matter what that may be. Is it someone being passionate about their work so they fight with a client for hours on end to get that 20 second ad to a 30 second for the sake of better storytelling? (yes, I’m still very much in my ad internship bubble) Is it you being passionate about that one song you’ve been sharing with everyone? Whatever it may be as long as you’re fiercely passionate about it. This is what inspires me. Lukewarm is no good.

Wat was het laatste dat je ontroerde?
My 1-year old niece said attempted saying my name for the first time.

Wat vind je minder aan Utrecht (en hoe zou dat beter kunnen)?
What defines the character of a city is its public space, not its private space. Therefore, having event spaces is key. These spaces have the power to connect people and cities. Utrecht’s Tivoli is the perfect example which could be even further utilised for more international events, shows and talks to really put Utrecht on the map.